AOC Has Put Activists in an Awkward Spot: Acknowledging the Importance of Fossil Fuels

Facing pressure to create something that could gain even a modicum of support, Ocasio Cortez was forced to abandon the fossil fuel ban in her resolution.

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Municipalities Suing Energy Companies Could Get Burned By Their Own Lawyers

The municipalities suing energy companies for the effects of climate change may ultimately see only a “pittance” of any potential reward or settlement from their suits.

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Canadian Resort Town’s Climate Shakedown Blows Up in Its Face

The ski town of Whistler is dealing with major fallout after the mayor sent a letter to oil and gas companies asking them to pay for climate-related damages.

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Activists Admit Climate Litigation Is About Silencing Dissent, Not Justice

The #ExxonKnew campaign is about shutting down debate and clearing the way for fringe activists’ preferred climate policies, according to a new podcast produced and promoted by the flailing campaign.

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Despite ‘Blue Wave,’ Activists Struggle to Make Climate Litigation a Priority for Democrats

“The climate movement has a loooong history of being unduly obsessed with, and impressed with, symbolic gestures…Those things are fine, but they don’t actually reduce any [e]missions…”

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The anti-fossil fuel “Keep It In the Ground” campaign is lobbying federal, state, and local government officials to sue American energy companies – and anyone else who disagrees with its radical agenda. We’re fighting back to protect economic prosperity and energy security. Learn more by clicking here.

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