Despite ‘Blue Wave,’ Activists Struggle to Make Climate Litigation a Priority for Democrats

“The climate movement has a loooong history of being unduly obsessed with, and impressed with, symbolic gestures…Those things are fine, but they don’t actually reduce any [e]missions…”

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Foreign Organizations Bankrolling US Anti-Oil and Gas Activist Campaigns

Investigative journalist Kevin Mooney is out with yet another damning report for #ExxonKnew activists, this time uncovering foreign organizations who are using their funding and resources to influence U.S. climate policy and promote the anti-fossil fuel agenda.

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Bombshell: New York Times Debunks #ExxonKnew Climate Campaign

It may not have been the intent of New York Times Magazine to throw cold water on a fringe environmental activists campaign, but the damage has clearly been done.

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In Another Blow to Climate Litigation Campaign, Federal Judge Tosses NYC Climate Case

The nationwide climate litigation campaign is not going as planned.

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Five Things To Know About New EDF Methane Study

An outlier on methane.

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The anti-fossil fuel “Keep It In the Ground” campaign is lobbying federal, state, and local government officials to sue American energy companies – and anyone else who disagrees with its radical agenda. We’re fighting back to protect economic prosperity and energy security. Learn more by clicking here.

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